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I’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet...

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How Nasty? Come find out what no limits really means to me.

You could say that I have quite the spectrum of perverted issues. I am a Really, Dirty Girl. I bring shame to my entire congregation.

Their disapproval could never stop me from reaching my perverse dreams. Don’t worry, I don’t scare easily. I want to do horrible things to You. I want You to do horrible things to Me. And on me, and inside of me…… Here are some fantasies that I am dying to immerse you in.

~Barely Legal Princess~

Hey Professor! Can you give me a ride home from college? It’s awfully cold out; my mom forgot about me again. Perhaps there is some way that I can thank you?

I’d love to come to your house and hang sometime. I’m sooo tight. How on earth do you think that I can squeeze THAT into HERE? Please don’t tell anyone about our little arrangement.

Do you promise it will only hurt a little? I kinda like it when you spread my lips and stare into my bright, pink opening. It makes my clit throb and you always start to breathe heavy.

~18 Y.O. Brat Domination~

I want it, and I want it now! You will do whatever I say. Why? ‘Cause I’m cute, duh!

And I love to toy with older men! Oh, the things I will make you do for me! I want you stripped naked and kissing the ground that I walk upon.

You will be my object, with the sole purpose of pleasing me. I get what I want, and no is not a word that I will take lightly. I want you to be my chauffeur and take me shopping. Try on clothes with me and carry my bags. You don’t want me to share your secrets with my hot friends do you? We would all be giggling behind your back.

Remember, this princess is hard to please.


I know. I’ve been a bad girl and I deserve to be punished. I’m so sorry to have disappointed you, Sir. What are you going to do to me this time?

Bend me over and stick that big thing inside of my holes again? Are you going to show me, with your rigid appendage, what a dirty whore I’ve been? Tie me up and stretch me out, just how you like me. I’ll do whatever you tell me to. I just want to be a good girl for you.

I’m an air-tight slit to shove your pulsing erection into, but I love to be spoiled. Impress me with undying obedience or corrupt my sheltered little world. Come chat!

--Sticky-Sweet Gracie
Gracie Gracie Gracie Gracie Gracie Gracie Gracie Gracie